Flight Training Books and Supplies

If you’ve signed up to begin flight lessons at my new flight school called Pilot Flight Training Courses out of Lake in the Hills Airport in Northern Illinois, these are the books and supplies you will need to begin training. There are a couple of smaller items like Charts and Chart supplements that are not included in the list because they have expiration dates, are not expensive and can be purchased later.

Below are most of the books and supplies you will need to begin. Some of the items must be purchased before training begins and some can wait a bit longer. Everything is here to make it easy for you to find.

The Private Pilot Materials Below Are Needed For The First Lesson

Click the links next to the images and a new window will pop up. Select add to cart, close the window and continue selecting until you have all the items you want. Once all the items are in your cart, you can check out.

Private Pilot Manual

Private Pilot Manual

Purchase the Private Pilot Manual here

Private Pilot Maneuvers

Private Pilot Maneuvers

Purchase Private Pilot Maneuvers book here

Private Pilot ACS

Private Pilot ACS

Purchase Private Pilot ACS here

1983 Piper Warrior II Information Manual

Warrior II Information Manual

Purchase the Piper Warrior II information manual here

Pilot Logbook

Pilot Logbook

Purchase Pilot Logbook here



Purchase FAR/AIM here

Private Pilot Written Test Study Guide

Knowledge Test Study Guide

Purchase the FAA knowledge test study guide here

Materials Below Are Needed About 1/2 Way Through Training

These items are used for the cross country flight planning phase of your training. If you take a ground school course which most people do, then these may be required for the class. Some people prefer to do home study and do it on their own which is fine if you’re disciplined enough.

Cross Country Plotter

Rotating Plotter

Purchase rotating plotter here

E6B Flight Computer

E6B Flight Computer

Purchase the E6B flight computer here

Flight Plan Forms

Flight Plan Forms

Purchase flight plan forms here

The Following Items Can Be Purchased Any Time

The items below include a flight bag to carry all your pilot supplies and an aviation headset. There are many headsets out there to choose from. Prices vary between a couple of hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars. A headset really is needed to be able to hear things but if you don’t have one, then we will rent you one while you are training. Eventually you should get one. I have attached 2 headsets below; one is around $300 and the other is around $600. They are both good headsets. If you want to spend the big bucks on a Lightspeed ZULU then they have those too. I have also attached a flight bag. I personally use this kind and love it. It is light weight, carries a lot and is very small.

Lightspeed Sierra

Sierra Headset

David Clark HeadsetPurchase the Sierra headset here

David Clark Headset

Purchase the David Clark headset here

Brightline Pilot Flight Bag

Pilot Flight Bag

Purchase the flight bag here

Enjoy Your Training!

It is great that you have decided to learn to fly! I know you will love it as much as I do. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t hesitate because it is one of the best, most exciting things I have ever done!