Flight Instructor Joe Has Opened a Flight School

The time has come to buy a plane and start my own flight school. I have been teaching for many years and have really enjoyed helping people learn to fly or to advance their skill level. I have been an independent contractor, flight instructing from various places for years. It has allowed me to meet many new people, which I really enjoy, but there has been something missing.

I realized that even though I enjoy what I do, that I was doing it for someone else. My attention to detail and doing the best I could do for my students helped give a good reputation to the flight schools or clubs where I gave training, but at the end of the day, I would go home without anything of my own to show for my years of teaching. I decided that I wanted something to show for my hard work and passion. I know I won’t get rich off a flight school, but it’ll be mine. I will still get to do what I love but I will have my own flight school to show for my hard work.

The Plane

I have a 1983 Piper Warrior II with a Garmin 530W. This year Warrior goes faster and carries more weight than an older Warrior and has a max ramp weight of 2447 pounds with a top cruise speed of around 122 knots. The Garmin is great for instrument training and super easy to use. The plane is also very easy to fly and handles great for those of you that are considering getting their pilot license.


Where The Flight School is Located

My flight school is based out of 3CK (Lake in the Hills Airport), which is around 25 miles WNW of Chicago. Look for the big blue building where the Flight Center is located, right next to the taxiway and you’ll find my office inside. Everything should be ready to go by March 11th. Feel free to email if you have questions or want to get started.


What I Have to Offer

I can get you your pilot license, instrument rating, flight review, IPC and more in your plane or mine. I also do a 10 Day IFR rating and can also help you with pinch hitter training for those pilots that want their non-pilot spouse to learn to land the plane safely. If you have a specific area or some ground knowledge you’d like to improve, such as a review of airspace, towered airport operations, crosswind landings, emergencies, performance charts, GPS use or anything else you can think of, just let me know! The plane is also available to rent. Right now I am offering the plane at only $108 per hour for the first 3 students only that want to get their private pilot license or instrument rating if they sign up by March 31, 2017.  Don’t miss out on this savings, it will add up quickly. You can email me from this site or contact me from the Flight School website here. I look forward to flying with you!

Joe Standley